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What is Traditional Thai Massage - it is an ancient, healing therapy with a 2000 year lineage.  Performed on a large floor mat while the client wears comfy, stretchy clothes.  No oils or lotions are used.  A skilled practitioners mindfully guide you through an ancient series of postures and fascial stretching, while pressing along muscles and meridians in a soothing, rhythmic rocking motion. This therapeutic style of massage is performed in a passive, dynamic or strong application on a comfortable floor mat or massage table.

Stretch … Press … Relax

The style I practice is performed on floor mat with more nurturing element. There is definitely traditional element of stretch and press however in much more gentle and relaxing way.

60min Thai Massage with element of meditation and Shavasana  $80

optional: add 15min Yin Yoga for additional $10

call Margo to book appointment 519.639.8006


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