Yoga, Mat Pilates and Thai Massage in Gibsons, BC.

30min Mat Pilates on zoom

every Tuesday & Thursday


NEW Tuesday 7.30AM PST/10.30am EST


with occasional free class on Saturday's.



next free class Saturday June 27 9amPST/12EST

Join Zoom Meeting


You don't need much; soft surface, smart phone, tablet or computer.


  1. Set up your own account on ZOOM (its free).

  2. Register with me by eTransfer to

  3. I will email you link to your classes.


If you've never tried Mat Pilates here is your opportunity to discover how strong is your core and how much stability you presently have in your pelvis.


Participate in all classes, 30min each time ($5 per class) and you will notice how fast your body responds.


This session will run until Thursday July 30th.

Only interested to participate once a week. Sure, email me.


After each class I stay online. If you have questions, need

clarifications or modifications I'm here to help.

15min Shoulders
15min Mat Pilates
15min Hip's
15min Hip's
Yoga Twists
15min Twists
15min IT Band
15min inner thighs
15min inner thighs
8min Stretches
8min Pilates principles
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