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Margo Karda Yoga and Pilates

1:1 Private in your home or on zoom

Yoga and/or Mat Pilates 

50min - 4 weeks series;

$300pp. Option to add 2nd participant for $15per class

50min - 8 weeks series;

$560pp. Option to add 2nd participant for $15per class.

Maximum 4 students.


Yoga and/or Mat Pilates Special Occasion class.

Celebrating special occasion, looking to deepen your practice or visit Gibsons. 

60 or 75min class $150 for group of 6.

please contact for groups larger than 6 and outside of Gibsons.


Mat Pilates         Wednesday's       5.30pm

Yin Yoga             Wednesday's       7.00pm - 75min


Slow Flow Yoga  Thursday's           9.30am

Mat Pilates         Thursday's          11.00am

Chair Yoga         Thursday's         12.30pm 


events/online sessions/workshops


Magical Restorative Yoga with Strings TBA



be kind Coexist

I care and devote my time with attention to details, and with objective to observe and aid to progress without perfection

but with attainable and realistic targets.

established in 2013

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