Yoga, Mat Pilates and Thai Massage in Gibsons, BC.

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    Margo Karda  

    Certified 500 hr's Yoga Teacher

    Trained in Stott Mat Pilates Method.

    Certified Thai Massage Practitioner



    I simply love helping others, I feel confident teaching to variety of students but especially to the population that suffers from physical limitations but has vast amount of determination and courage. The progress I get to witness is incredible the change in human body is fascinating. For this simple reason I keep on learning and exploring to be more qualified in assisting in various situations with wide range students.

    By nature I'm creative and this comes very handy in building classes to create unique environment.

    Also by nature I'm not very bendy or have been into gymnastics while growing up hence I can relate to individuals who have been in the same position and now would like to improve their physical mobility and emotional


    My goal is to design class where students have fun; where they feel comfortable, where it doesn't matter how they look or what they wear but what matters is that at the end of their class they glow, smile and feel accomplished or more fluid in movement. 

    My studio motto is, 

    "Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can"

    My teaching background is in traditional Hatha Yoga however over the years and with growing number of students with hip, knee replacements and various other joint conditions I've directed my teaching focus towards Functional Movement. I'm a big believer in Iyangar Yoga. The pace in my classes is slower and the true work is often found with variety of modifications that however simple might look are challenging and effective leaving students feeling more fluid, open and supple in their bodies.


    In my Mat Pilates classes I taken students through number of effective workouts to creates intelligent exercise that is both safe and effective. The goal is to regain stronger body, improve range of motion and musculat stability.

    Each Mat Pilates class will include element of basic yoga and end in shavasana.

    I'm trained in Stott Pilates Method.

    STUDIO (current classes on zoom)

    Coexist is located in Lower Gibsons. My studio is fully equipped with; mats, bolsters, blocks and more.

    "Comfort is Queen" so is Coexist; during cold and wet months room temperature is set at around 22C-23C (higher during Restorative Yoga) in the summer the doors open to ocean view and a fresh breeze.  Studio floor resembles a giant soft yoga mat,  you are sure to love this little space that beams with joyful energy.

    Note: max of 4 students allowes for semi private approach.

    Street parking.

mat pilates and yoga
mat pilates & yoga
15min Shoulders
15min Hip's
15min Hip's
Yoga Twists
15min Twists
15min IT Band
15min inner thighs
15min inner thighs
8min Stretches
15min Mat Pilates
8min Pilates principles
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